Our 20:20:20 objective

  • $20 per line kilometre
  • To fly safely at 20 meters
  • To fly at 20 knots

Safety. Innovation.

Innovation is core to our operational mission. This is driven by a number of internal metrics that everyone in the organisation holds dear and strives for. Safety is always our number one priority, with care for the environment a close second. In all our research and development endeavours, we are guided by our 20:20:20 objective, which means that we are always operating safely, economically and effectively.


Gyrotek is associated with Gravionic, a spin-off from the University of Braunsweich and the German Institute of Flight Guidance and Control. Gravionic is a pioneer in the use of gravity and magnetic data, using the gravitometer it pioneered to enhance traditional seismic surveys with additional information for the interpretation of subsurface geological structures. The gravitometer is able to build up a composite picture of the subsurface architecture, and thereby identify those formations most likely to host hydrocarbons with greater precision.

Gyrotek is supported by the Aziza Project Incubation initiative, where young entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds are supported by experienced entrepreneurs, in order to provide invaluable assistance in the start up and running of a new enterprise.

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